The Mission

About The Mission

We bear Witness that there is no God worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad (S.A.W) is indeed the true Messenger and Servant of Allah. The Ghana Muslim Mission is a non-governmental, non–denominational Islamic Religious organization, based on the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and the Holy Quran.

Ghana Muslim Mission

The Ghana Muslim Mission is an Islamic organization in Ghana, West Africa. It was formed by some Ghanaian Muslims in the year 1957. The Mission is non sectarian, non tribal and non political Islamic religious organization.
In principle the Mission includes all enlightening the Muslims and non Muslim alike about the right teachings and the practices of the Islamic religion as taught and practiced by our beloved Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). And to mobilize resources by lawful and acceptable means to develop Islam in its entirety in the country. The presence of the Mission could felt across the country.

Our Mission

To foster unity amongst the entire membership of the Mission, particularly Muslims in Ghana as a whole and all other religious bodies.

To formulate and pursue policies and programs to propagate the true teachings of Islam amongst the entire members of the Mission and all manner of persons in Ghana.

To mobilize resources for the establishment of educational institutions at all levels, building mosques, healthcare centers (hospitals, clinics and health posts) and the provision of other social facilities.

To educate members of the Mission on Islam, civic, social, health and other developmental issues.

To explore all possible avenues internally and externally to revive the true teachings of Islam so as to enable the brethren to order their lives in alignment with the spirit of Islam.

The Mission shall deem it a bounden duty to foster unity, co-operation and tolerance among all Muslim groups and other religious missionaries in Ghana

To establish friendly relations with all foreign Muslim organizations in furtherance of the religion of Islam to the advantage of her members.

To promote or establish any trading or commercial enterprise in furtherance of her stated objectives.

Our Vision

The vision of the Ghana Muslim Mission is to become the number one Muslim organization in Africa that seeks to develop people morally, spiritually and intellectually through the provision of education, health and other social infrastructure.